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Complete Program


Isla Ballroom 1
EDSA Shangri-La Hotel

0730-0830          Orientation of New POA Fellows 

1200-1300          Lunch Symposium [Unilab]






Philippine Shoulder Society Part I

Reactors: Prof. Bancha Chernchunjit/Prof. Joo Han Oh

1300-1305         Topic overview: Dr. Valleden Bancod (JRMMC, 4th year)

1305-1325         SLAP Lesion

                          Moderator: Dr. Antonio R. Puti

                          Tenedosis [Dr. Ambrosio S. Valdez III]

                          Repair [Dr. Janos F. Vizcayno, Jr.]

1325-1340         Q&A  

1340-1345         Topic overview: Dr. Javier Miguel Cabatan (MMC, 5th year)

1345-1405         PASTA Lesions/Partial Cuff Tears

                          Moderator: Dr. Albert Cesar S. Faller, Jr. 

                          Repair in Situ [Dr. Juan Carlos S. Paredes]

                          Tear Completion [Dr. Jeremy James C. Munji]         

1405-1420         Q&A   

1420-1425         Topic overview: Dr. Juancho Abejo (DLSUMC, 5th year)  

1425-1445        First Time Dislocation

                         Moderator: Dr. Paolo Alan B. Tabar   

                         Conservative [Dr. Wilson C. Dela Calzada]

                         Stabilize/Fix [Dr. Pia Kareena V. Quinoñes]

1500-1530          PM Snack Symposium [Zuellig Pharma]

Philippine Shoulder Society Part II

Reactors: Prof. Bancha Chernchunjit/Prof. Joo Han OhT

1530-1535          Topic overview: Dr. Mark Arthur Martinez (POC)

1535-1555          AC Joint Dislocation    

                           Moderator: Dr. Manuel V. Pecson III           

                           Open Repair/Reconstruction [Dr. Jason Paul P. Santiago]          

                           Arthroscopic Repair/Reconstruction [Dr. Chauncey Kester L. Lim]

1555-1615         Q&A   

1615-1620         Topic overview: Dr. Marc de Guzman (AFPMC, 4th year)   

1620-1640          3-4 Part Proximal Humerus Fractures       

                           Moderator: Dr. Victor Felix S. Gaddi                 

                           ORIF [Dr. Jean Pierre F Leung]                     

                           Arthroplasty [Dr. Patrick M. Dizon]

1640-1700         Q&A


1700-1730          Plenary Talks

1730-1800          Sponsored Cocktails

1800                   Fellowship Night



Isla Ballroom 1
EDSA Shangri-La Hotel






Instructional Course Lecture 1: Philippine Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society

0700-0710           Anatomy, Biomechanics, Diagnosis [Dr. Sotero M. Ramos III]

0710-0720           Malleolar Fractures [Dr. Bernardino II B. Alpuerto]

0720-0730           Pilon injuries [Dr. John B. Lacorda]

0740-0750           Open Forum

0750-0800           Talar Fractures [Dr. Adriel Vincent L. Ang]

0800-0810           Ankle Ligamentous Instability/Sprain [Dr. Kirby O. Lim]

0810-0820          Open Forum

0830-0900          AM Snack Symposium 


Philippine Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society

Plenary Session I: Debates on Trauma

Moderator: Dr. Fernando A. Acance & Dr. Sharvyl Cantila

0900-0910         Screw Fixation for Syndesmotic Injury [Dr. Jovito Ramil B. Paz]

0910-0920         Button Fixation for Syndesmotic Injury [Prof. Arvind Puri]

0920-0930         Open Forum

0930-0940         Screw Fixation for Lisfranc’s Injury [Dr. Patrick Ian R. Alvarez]

0940-0950         Button Fixation for Lisfranc’s Injury [Dr. Michael Thomas T. Gonzales] 

0950-1000         Open Forum 


Plenary Session 2: Open Surgery vs Minimally Invasive Surgery for Foot and Ankle

Moderators: Dr. Jose Carlos C. Estil, Jr. & Dr. Roberto Gabriel L. Lopez

1000-1010           ORIF of Calcaneal Fractures [Dr. Francis Joseph V. Reyes]

1010-1020           MIS of Calcaneal Fractures [Dr. Juan Agustin D. Coruña IV]

1020-1030           Open Forum

1030-1040           Scarf Osteotomy for Hallux Valgus [Prof Arvind Puri]

1040-1050           Percutaneous Hallux Valgus Surgery [Dr. Ai E. Gamboa]

1050-1100           Open Forum


Plenary Session 3: Ankle Cartilage Injuries and Arthritis

Moderators: Dr. Ana Decenteceo-Ricardo & Dr. Ilian Dominiq D. Eusebio

1100-1110          Arthroscopic BMS for Ankle OCD [Dr. Carlo Angelo V. Borbon]

1110-1120          Cartilage Reconstructive Surgery [Prof. Dr Med. Hajo Therman]

1120-1030          Open Forum

1130-1140          Supra Malleolar Osteotomy for the Medial Ankle Arthritis [Prof. Hong-Geun Jung]

1140-1150          Total Ankle Arthroplasty [Prof. Hajo Therman]

1150-1200          Open Forum

1230-1330          Lunch Symposium [Taisho Pharma]





Philippine Society of Women Orthopaedic Surgeons: Equality and Diversity in Orthopedics

Moderators: Dr. Janis Ann F. Espino-De Vera & Dr. Anne Kathleen B. Ganal-Antonio

1330-1335          Welcome Remarks [Dr. Judith Valerie M. Akol]
1335-1340          Introduction of Speakers [Dr. Ma. Ramona Reyes-Diyco]
1340-1350          Leadership Talk 
[Dr. Ma. Minerva C. Calimag]

1350-1400          Safety in the workplace (How to create a safe working place?) [Dr. Gracia Cielo E. Balce]

1400-1410          Coping with gender differences in the workplace (Alvin Cloyd Dakis)

Perception of female orthopedic surgeon: Then and Now
1410-1420          Then [Dr. Emilie H. Tanchuling]
1420-1430          Now [Dr. Karla Teresa S. Araneta]
1430-1440          Importance of inclusion and diversity in orthopedics  [Dr. Ameena Tara X. Santos]

14:40-1500         Q & A [Dr. Adelwisa G. Belen]
1500-1555          Panel Reaction

Reactors: Dr. Rowena Helena A. Evangelista, Dr. Mickhael B. Langit, Dr. Virginia C. Cabling, Dr. Emilie H. Tanchuling & Dr. David L. Alagar

1555-1600          Closing Remarks [Dr. Teresita L. Altre]

1800                   Alumni Night


Isla Ballroom 1
EDSA Shangri-La Hotel

Snack Symposium

0830-0900        Quick Peek into the Philippine Medical Act of 2023

                          Panelists:  Dr. Maria Concepcion Vesagas & Dr. Maria Minerva P. Calimag

                          Moderator: Dr. Justinian Aquilino IV Ll Pimentel






0900-1230          Association for the Study and Applications of Ilizarov: Limb Reconstruction Strategies for Extremity Trauma

09:00-09:30       Strategies for Upper Extremity Trauma [Dr. Daniel V. Dungca]

09:30-09:50       Strategies for Femoral Shaft Fractures [Dr. Jereme B. Atupan]

09:50-10:10       Peri- and Intra-articular Distal Femur Fractures [Dr. Gracia Cielo E. Balce]

10:10-10:30       Strategies for Tibial Plateau Fractures [Dr. Chastity Amor V. Rejuso-Morales]

10:30-10:50       Tibial Shaft Fractures [Dr. Rosalyn P. Flores]

10:50-11:10       Distal Tibia/Plafond [Dr. Mickhael B. Langit]

11:10-11:30       Open Forum

11:30-12:00       The Final Lecture [Dr. Juanito S. Javier]

1230-1330          Lunch Symposium






Philippine Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine Part I

Moderator: Dr. Jose Antonio San Juan

1330-1400          Double Bundle ACL Recon vs. Anatomic Single Bundle ACL Recon

                            [Dr. Antonio A. Rivera/Dr. James Loh -Singapore]

1400-1430           Suspension Fixation vs. Interference Fixation for ACL Reconstruction

                            [Dr. Dilbert A. Monicit/Dr. Ambrosio S. Valdez III]

1430-1500          Rehabilitation Post Meniscus Repair [Dr. Patrick H. How] 

1500-1530          MPFL Reconstruction: Quads Tendon vs Quads Tendon with Internal Brace [Carmelo Braganza, MD, FPOA (Philippines) and Bancha Cherchunjit, MD (Thailand)]


1530-1600          PM Snack Symposium


Philippine Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine Part II

Moderator: Dr. Lyndon L. Bathan

1600-1630          Cartilage Surgery: Microfracture/Cellular Scaffold [Dr. Herminio R. Valenzuela, Jr.,]

1630-1700          Injectables and Biologics: Hyaluronic Acid vs. PRP in Arthroscopic Surgery

                           [Dr. Raphael Angelo C. Jurilla/Dr. Edgar Michael T. Eufemio]


1730-1800          Plenary Session: Minimally Plate Osteosynthesis [Dr. Apipop Kritsaneephailboon]

1800-1830          Sponsored Cocktails

1830                   Congress Banquet


Isla Ballroom 1
EDSA Shangri-La Hotel



Philippine Orthopaedic Trauma Society [Isla Ballroom 1, 2 & 3]

Session I: Upper Extremity Injury

Moderators: Dr. Manolito M. Flavier/Dr. Ernesto C. Tenorio, Jr.

0900-0920         Clavicle Fracture: Plating vs ESIN [Jerome Anthony S. Asuncion]

0920-0940         Distal humerus approach: Brian Morrey vs. chevron osteotomy [Dr. Jovito Ramil B. Paz]


Session ll : Lower Extremity Injury

Moderators: Dr.  Frederic Joseph F. Diyco/Dr. Jean Pierre F. Leung

0940-1000         Failed femoral neck fracture fixation in the young: Salvage vs. replace [Dr. Jose Antonio G. San Juan]

1000 – 1020      Femoral neck Pauwels 3 fracture: when, why, and how do I plate the calcar? [Dr. Angeli Charmeinn P. Apalisoc]

1020-1040         Bifocal femur fracture: A challenging injury [Dr. Apipop Kritsaneephailboon]

1040-1100         Double plating of distal femur fracture [Dr. Apipop Kritsaneephaiboon]

1100-1120         Proximal Tibial fractures: When, why & how do I nail via suprapatellar? [Dr. Camille Ann R. Santos]


Session lll : Pelvis & Acetabular Injury

Moderators: Dr. Maria Adelwisa G. Belen/Dr. Irewin A. Tabu

1120-1130          Case Based Lecture: Anterior column acetabular fracture [Dr. Rodel J. Banggiacan]

1130-1140          Case Based Lecture: Posterior column acetabular fracture [Dr. Kristoffer Roland U. Roa]

1140-1150          Case Based Lecture: Both columns acetabular fracture [Dr. Dilbert A. Monicit]

1150-1200          Combined pelvis and acetabular injury [Dr. Apipop Kritsaneephailboon]

1200-1300          Lunch and Closing Ceremony

Social Progrms

Opening Ceremonies

Isla Ballroom, Edsa Shangri-la Hotel

November 15, 2023

Attire: Barong for Fellows

0800         Assembly of Participants

0830         Entrance of Colors

Opening Prayer [Dr. Frederic Joseph F. Diyco - Ex-Officio, POA]

Philippine National Anthem [Algesia Choir]

POA Hymn [Algesia Choir]

AV - Presentation

Welcome Remarks [Dr. Melito Antonio P. Ramos - POA Vice President & Over-all Convention Chairman

Message [Dr. David L. Alagar - President, POA

Cultural Dance Performance (Sindaw Dance Troupe)

Keynote Speakers:

  1. Dr. Antonio A. Rivera, MD, FPOA

  2. Prof. Kevin C. Chung, MD, MS

Awarding of Plaques:

  1. Keynote Speakers

  2. Platinum Sponsors

Presentation of New Fellows [Dr. Justinian Aquilino Cyril Ll Pimentel IV - Secretary, POA


Induction of New Fellows [Dr. David L. Alagar]

1100         Formal Opening of Congress [Dr. David L. Alagar]

Ribbon Cutting at the Exhibition Hall

Social Progrms

Fellowship Night

Isla Ballroom, Edsa Shangri-la Hotel

November 15, 2023

Attire: Black or White (Smart Casual)

Hosts:  Dr. Michael DR Muñoz & Dr. Marcelino T. Cadag


1730         Cocktails by the Hallway

1900         Welcome Remarks [Dr. Michael DR Muñoz - Trustee, POA]

Buffet Dinner


  • 70’s Super Band

  • Luke Mijares

Pink Sugar
Social Progrms

President's Night (By Invitation)

Poolside, Edsa Shangri-la Hotel

November 16, 2023

Attire: Casual


1830          Arrival of Guests

1900          Dinner

Welcome Remarks [Dr. David L. Alagar - POA President]

Entertainment [Libante String Quartet]

2100          Closing

Citrus Fruits
Social Progrms

Congress Banquet

Isla Ballroom, Edsa Shangri-la Hotel

November 17, 2023

Attire: Coat and Tie (Formal)

Host: Dr. Marcelino T. Cadag

Start Time: 1900           

I. Prayer

Tribute to departed Fellows

II. Welcome Remarks [Dr. Marcelino T. Cadag - Treasurer, POA]

III. Induction of PCS Fellows [Dr. Maria Concepcion C. Vesagas - PCS President 2023]

IV. Awarding Ceremony:

  1. Research Contest Winners

  2. Past Presidents (2020 & 2022)

  3. POA Special Awards

V. Announcement of PBO Election Winners and Oath taking

Valedictory Speech [Dr. Isagani E. Garin - PBO Chairman 2023]

Turn-over Rites

Inaugural Speech [New PBO Chairman]

VI. Announcement of POA Election Winners and Oath taking

Valedictory Address [Dr. David L. Alagar - POA President 2023]

Turn-over Rites

Inaugural Speech [New POA President]

VII.   Musical Entertainment

Libante Strings Band

Modified Tension Band

Social Progrms

Manila City Tour

November 16, 2023

0900 - 1400 Hrs


0830         Assembly at Edsa Shangri-la Hotel Lobby

Meet and Greet by English-speaking Tour Guide

0900         Leave Hotel/Pass by Roxas Boulverad, CCP Complex, MOA Complex

1000         Rolling tour of Rizal Park/Luneta

1015         Fort Santiago/Calesa ride

1045         Bus ride through the walls and iconic sites of Intramuros; pass by Manila Cathedral

1100         National Museum of Natural History

1130         San Agustin Church (walk across to Casa Manila/Plaza San Luis Complex)

1200         Lunch at Barbara’s Heritage Retaurant

1300         Shopping at Art and Souvenir shops

1400         Proceed back to hotel/Arrive hotel

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